Adventure Zone Taako

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The Adventure Zone - Taako doesn't want to steal

Duration: 00:01:13 Video Size 47.84 MB MP3 Size 1.2 MB maKhozen

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The Adventure Zone - Forsake!

Duration: 00:05:15 Video Size 206.44 MB MP3 Size 5.16 MB M Stem

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Taako Forgets - The Adventure Zone Animatic

Duration: 00:03:31 Video Size 138.28 MB MP3 Size 3.46 MB Sarah Hopkins

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The Adventure Zone - Making a Deal

Duration: 00:02:56 Video Size 115.34 MB MP3 Size 2.88 MB milkychai

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TAZ Animatic - Taako's Mongoose Rant

Duration: 00:02:00 Video Size 78.64 MB MP3 Size 1.97 MB Tig3rbutts

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Taako - Going Rogue - Off the Grid | The Adventure Zone Animatic (ep 57)

Duration: 00:01:10 Video Size 45.88 MB MP3 Size 1.15 MB Khidrix

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I had wanted to do more of these sooner, but I had to get used to the work flow of my new job first.

Animatic number 2 from episode 67 of The Adventure Zone, a D&D podcast by the McElroys. Felt like trying to make one of these. Like what I do.

My first time making an Adventure Zone animatic and my first time
making such a beefy one too! This was loads of fun, I want to make a
ton more. Listen to The ...
Felt like trying to make one of these! Taako goes off the grid from
the Adventure Zone. Never done an animatic/animation before. Took
forever.... "Going Rogue" ...
adventure zone by the mcelroys boys - animatic by me: tumblr: twitter: ...
The Adventure Zone - Taako's Clever Ruse - Ep. 1 Animatic

Duration: 00:01:12 Video Size 47.19 MB MP3 Size 1.18 MB Diz Plicity

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The Adventure Zone - And You See Lup

Duration: 00:04:45 Video Size 186.78 MB MP3 Size 4.67 MB M Stem

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The Adventure Zone - Magic Lessons

Duration: 00:01:45 Video Size 68.81 MB MP3 Size 1.72 MB Immortan Jill

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The Adventure Zone - Say My Name

Duration: 00:00:55 Video Size 36.04 MB MP3 Size 0.9 MB melmaduro

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I've been really into The Adventure Zone. Listen to The. Consider buying me a coffee.

I honestly only worked on this for a couple days so there's a lot I could have fixed up but it's all good. I'm actually almost done now I have two episodes left and also I'm dying. Never done an animatic/animation before.

I can't believe something that started with a plot as simple. I'm planning on doing more of these. Me finishing this on p much the day the finale comes out.


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